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Jordan Lingohr
April 29, 2023

What is Swipefiled?

Last updated: March 17, 2023

What is Swipefiled?

Swipefiled is your online creative strategist, that costs less than a buck a day. Swipefiled solves three main problems that digital marketers face almost every day.

Saving Facebook ads from the Facebook Ad Library (Meta Ad Library) forever.

  • No matter if you run a social media marketing agency, work at an agency, or even run a brand. You've found yourself on the Facebook Ad Library, searching through your competitors ads in hopes to spark some inspiration for your next campaign. You find a ad, right click, and copy the ad URL. You shoot it off to your design team, and by the time they open the link, it's gone? The ad has been turned off by the original Facebook advertiser, and now you're left staring at a blank screen, great. Using the Swipefiled Chrome Extension, a 'save' button will be embedded in the Facebook Ad Library, allowing you to save the FB ad directly to your Swipefiled dashboard. From here, you can copy the link and send it as you would, but without the worry of dealing with an expired link, because once the ad is uploaded to our server, it will stay there forever, regardless of the original advertiser turning the ad off n the Meta Ad Library.
Swipefiled Chrome Extension for the Facebook Ad Library
Swipefiled Chrome Extension for the Facebook Ad Library

Endlessly scroll and filter through creative Inspiration

  • Are you really a marketer if yo u don't have hundreds of screenshots of ad on your phone? Every marketer should have a swipe file close by to flick through when they're suffering from creative block or in need of fresh inspiration. A swipe file is essentially a marketer's treasure trove, filled with examples of successful ads, email campaigns, landing pages, and other marketing materials from various industries. It serves as a goldmine of ideas that can help you craft your own unique and effective marketing strategies. Every time a Swipefiled user saves an ad, it'll appear in the Inspiration tab. This way, everyone is contributing to an ecosystem of ad inspiration. The FB ad library is great, but where it lacks is the option to filter through ads. You can filter by format by clicking the 'filter' button.
Filter Facebook Meta Ad Library
Limited filtering for the Facebook Ad Library
  • However, if you want to filter by niche (brand category), brand, format and more, this is where Swipefiled takes the cake. Each ad that is saved to Swipefiled from the Meta Ad Library is automatically tagged with the niche via the Facebook page category. Meta data such as the landing page, ad copy, call-to-action and likes are automatically saved for each ad. This means you can save hours of your time, and filter for the perfect ad in minutes, not hours. Simply filter the database of ads via our drop down options, or AI keyword search, and you're off to the races.
Filtering through the Swipefiled Inspiration tab
Filtering through the Swipefiled Inspiration tab

Easily brief Facebook ads with your team using Swipefiled

  • Google Sheets weren't made for briefing ads, please stop putting yourself through this pain. Instead, use Swipefiled boards. Boards are curated swipe files for specific ad types, such as briefing UGC creators on the types of videos they should record, or maybe a collection of Black Friday / Q4 ads that you want to send to your design team. You can create multiple boards, for multiple reasons. To create your first board, simply click the 'new board' button on the left sidebar, and give your board a name and description. You'll then be redirected to your newly created board. You can either head straight to the Facebook Ad Library to save a few ads, or jump over to the Inspiration tab and filter through already saved ads. Underneath each ad card, you'll see a dropdown to assign ads to boards. Once you find the perfect creative, save it to a board and repeat until you're satisfied. After you're finished, head over to your board (located under the 'boards' on the left side bar). From here, you can share a public URL of your board so that others can view your saved ads, no matter if they have a Swipefiled account or not.
Swipefiled Boards Example
Sharing a Swipefiled board

Tools web app interface
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"We use Swipefiled every single day at the agency. It has become an integral part of our routine, and I can't imagine working without it."
"We're constantly swiping other brands' UGC videos and sending them to content creators as a reference. Being able to store the videos in one central swipe file has been a massive help."
"Swipefiled is an essential tool for digital marketers that has had a major impact on both
our team and our clients. It has truly been a game-changer for us ."
"I've been using Swipefiled for a while now and it's made managing my Facebook ad campaigns so much easier. The ability to save all my ads and create boards to share with clients has been a huge time saver. I highly recommend it to any digital marketer."
"Being able to download ANY ad from the Facebook Ad Library has been a game changer. I wish we had started using it earlier at the agency."
"I used to spend hours scraping my competitors' Facebook Ad Library at the end of each week to gain inspiration for our sprint cycle. Having this searchable ad library built into the app has boosted my efficiency tenfold."
"Using Swipefiled is like having a creative strategist on payroll. It takes care of half my workload, and it costs a pennies compared to the salary of a full-time employee. I can't imagine going back to our previous method of creative strategy."
"After a week of using Swipefiled, my team and I have noticed a significant reduction in the time it takes to complete our clients' sprint cycle. It has quickly become an essential tool for our agency."