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Jordan Lingohr
January 9, 2023

How Dollar Shave Club Went from One Viral Video to a Billion-Dollar Exit

Last updated: March 17, 2023

The famous Dollar Shave Club video was the beginning of everything.

I live under a rock, what is The Dollar Shave Club?

The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription-based company that provides its customers with razors and other personal grooming products. It was founded in 2011 by CEO Michael Dubin and was initially known for its humorous and memorable advertising. In March 2012, the company released a viral video featuring Dubin, which quickly gained millions of views and helped the company gain significant attention and traction.

The Dollar Shave Club's famous video features the company's CEO, Michael, walking around a warehouse and explaining the main ideas behind the company. The tone of the video is humorous and informal, which helps to appeal to its target audience while also effectively communicating the problems that its products solve and the benefits they offer. The most memorable line of the video is "our blades are f***ing great."

Despite being made on a budget of $4,500 and only taking one day to shoot, the video went viral and quickly established the Dollar Shave Club brand. When it was time to open up shop in March 2012, the company's website crashed due to the high volume of traffic. The following day, when the site was back up, the company had gained 12,000 new subscribers for its $1 per month subscription razor service. Within just a few days, the video had been watched by 3 million people and had racked up 4.75 million views in the first three months.

In addition to its successful marketing efforts, the Dollar Shave Club has also differentiated itself from competitors by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Customers can choose from a range of subscription options and receive their products on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The company has also expanded its product line to include a range of other personal grooming products, such as shaving cream, body wash, and hair products.

The Dollar Shave Club's success has not gone unnoticed, and in 2016, it was acquired by Unilever for a reported $1 billion. Tres Commas, Baby! Today, the company is a well-known and respected brand in the personal grooming industry, with a large and loyal customer base.

There are a few key reasons why the Dollar Shave Club's advert video went viral on YouTube. One reason is that the video was humorous and memorable. It featured the company's CEO, Michael Dubin, delivering a humorous and irreverent monologue about the company's products and mission. The video struck a chord with viewers and quickly gained millions of views.

Another reason the video went viral is that it was released at a time when subscription-based businesses were starting to gain traction. The Dollar Shave Club was one of the first companies to offer a subscription service for razors and other personal grooming products, and the concept was novel and appealing to many consumers.

Additionally, the video was well-produced and had high production values. It featured catchy music and professional-grade filming and editing, which helped it stand out from other online videos at the time.

Finally, the video was shared widely on social media and other online platforms, which helped it reach a larger audience and gain even more traction. Overall, the combination of a humorous and memorable message, a novel business concept, high production values, and widespread sharing on social media all contributed to the video's viral success.

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